This Spring I designed and made a unique cushion for the newly renovated library at Skals Højskolen for Design og Håndarbejde.
Here are my thoughts on the project and some images from the process:

I live close to the water in Kerteminde, between sky and sea. There is a lot of sea here. At Skals, there is a lot of sky, and I have always felt that the Folk High School is situated between sky and sea. It is geographical but also spiritual. Something about the very act of learning, about spirit and the work of the hand – one is closer to the elements and is also more receptive.
A library is precisely a center of receptivity, of contemplation and great thought. At Skals Højskole, however, the library is also a place for the work of the hand. Therefore, I knew immediately that I would work with Sky and Sea, and bring the view and the expanses – the elements – into the library space, in order to embrace the journey of the mind on the spot.

My pillow is called Skals, between Heaven and Sea. It is knitted in Jacquard binding with a lot of fine cotton and silk threads in different shades, so that each color vibrates and the expression becomes very picturesque. One side is Sky, the other Sea and thus you can freely choose which element, color attitude or mood you want to immerse yourself in.
The motifs are from where I live and I have made two, so that there is one just like it in Kerteminde – between sky and sea.

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