You might already have enjoyed the large installation Stitches beyond Borders at Trapholt Museum of Art & Design in Kolding. If not, then here is the good news: there is still time. The art piece that took shape during the period November 2019 – April 2020 as a co-created embroidered installation to commemorate the reunification with Southern Denmark, was initially prolonged until end of November. But as included in the forthcoming show Trapholt Collect 2020 it will now be exhibited until ultimo April 2021.

The reception of the installation has been truly overwhelming! In September, The Danish Arts Foundation awarded me with a prize for the overall artistic responsibility and the successful outcome of the co-creation. The Foundation particularly remarked on the rarity of such high artistic standard in the field of co-created projects. I am grateful beyond words for this recognition.

Following the response from the 800 co-creators, who – through their wonderful and personal embroideries – has given us insight into their views on the theme of Borders, is an ongoing pleasure and fills me with gratitude.

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