I participate in the exhibition OPEN & CLOSED at THE FUTURE PERFECT in New York.

The fixed bief was to create a box of specific proportions, in your own chosen media reflecting on your proces and artistic expression.

For Open and Closed I have made a series of small knitted containers using purely yarn and technique to create the shape and closure. Nothing is cut away or added. Hand-made meets machine-made in a time-consuming process, where the knitted stitch envelops a thread in a weft-like structure and shades of monochrome color merge. Old handcraft techniques look modern, when natural fibers are enveloped in monofilament and shine to form a shrine. Pleats add natural shape to the small, folded objects that are seemingly both open and closed – the series is called Sh(r)ine.

The exhibition is showing till 15th December 2021.

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