Iben Høj





Iben Høj’s sensuous take on patterns, thickness of yarns and the poetic potential of the knitted stitches has manifested her signature over the years – a signature that balances in the space between what we see and what appears to us. From a point of departure in textile and traditional crafts Iben Høj has reinterpreted and developed a conventional trade and made it cool, potent and modern. Her work is nurtured and inspired by the contrasts between traditional and modern, delicate and grand, handmade and machine-made, and it is in the interplay between these contrasts that Iben Høj’s works unite fashion, art, design and the narratives between them.

‘I find great freedom in limitations, artistic as well as practical, and I not only use left-over yarn from industrial production but also rethink my skill and expression through the limitations. By lining up several knitting machines side by side I can use the space between them as part of the pattern and thus combine mathematics, my knowledge of knitting and my passion for inventing things to design larger and more complex pieces.’



Iben Høj has for the past two decades been part of the Nordic fashion scene, where her delicately knitted and feminine creations have added a sense of optic lightness and professional weight to the business. Educated as a knitwear designer from the University of Brighton, she combines the proud English knitting tradition with her Danish design inheritance that merges the poetry of knitting with a Scandinavian’s functional approach to form and use.

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